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Skydive Tecumseh update 04.20.2007
« on: April 20, 2007, 07:48:09 am »
If you haven?t checked the weather for the weekend, here is the forecast: Fri 69 and sunny, Saturday 70 and sunny, Sunday 74 and sunny, sun sun sun so let?s jump!!

If you are interested in the Tandem course, please review the pre-requisites in the IRM and complete them prior to the course.  If you are unable to complete pre-req?s prior to the course, please contact  
Also be sure to register for the course at and complete the applicable tests.  Please complete the Relative Workshop test too prior to the course which can be located on their website.

*Brian Germain course*
We will be starting the course at 5:30pm on Friday June 8th, if you cannot make it at that time, please contact  In order to take the course, you must be able to make it starting from day 1.

 Upcoming Events
April 27-29 ? Vector Tandem Course taught by Kip Lohmiller.  Cost will be $300.00 plus jumps.  Please goto to register for the course if you are interested.
May 5th ? Cinco de May Boogie ? Bring your sombrero and let?s celebrate!  Mystery dives and much fun to be had!
JUNE 8-10 ? Brian Germain Canopy Course.    The cost will be $200.00 for the course plus jumps.  There is a tentative itinerary listed here:

June 22-24th -- 4th Annual Summer Kickoff Jam!  Organizing by TJ Landgren, he will be organizing for ALL skill levels.  From hybrids, to freefly RW, to tracking, we will have something for everyone!
?more events yet to come?.

Blue Skies!