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Hellfish Boogie
« on: July 28, 2011, 12:39:05 am »
The 4th annual Hellfish boogie is coming up fast. It's PAC vs KODIAK time.

Things get going Friday 2rd September and run through Monday 5th.
Come out early and leave late. Early bird loads $20 before 9:00AM

We will have a PAC and a KODIAK the sports 2 most modern jumpships. Formation loads! Let's see which one can turn the most loads in a day! Let me know if you have ideas to turn the competition up!

The infamous Hellfish Toga Party, which will be on Saturday 3rd September, Bubba will as always be hosting the best party of the year.

Freefly organizing

RW organizing.

4 Way Scrambles. A competition for all levels.

Hoop dives, lets try and set a record with a formation load!

Swoop competition: Held on Sunday.

Film competition: Get your footage out. We'll have prizes for the best dailies on Saturday and Sunday night. We'll have a panel of judges decide who get the free jumps we'll be giving away.