Author Topic: The Parachute And it's Pilot  (Read 2702 times)

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The Parachute And it's Pilot
« on: June 01, 2011, 10:02:16 pm »
A quick reminder that Brian Germain will be in town this weekend to hold his Canopy Class.

It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn more about the art of Canopy Flight.
Even if you have only done one AFF jump, if you plan to become a Skydiver this is a great opportunity to start your canopy education of on the right foot. Cost of the class is $225.
Because we really want everyone to be the best possible canopy pilots the dropzone will give the first 10 people to sign up a $25 contribution towards the cost of their class.
We still aren't at 10 people for the class so there is is still an opportunity to get the $25.

This is a 2 day Course held on Saturday and Sunday. Starting at 9:00 AM both days.

For more information visit