Author Topic: Skydive Tecumseh weekly update 07.20.2007  (Read 3240 times)

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Skydive Tecumseh weekly update 07.20.2007
« on: July 20, 2007, 09:04:57 am »
**Don?t forget about our weekend special**  
Jumps before 9am are only $15.00.  

Come out early and jump, some of you may have noticed last weekend that by the afternoon things are busy and it is harder to get on a load.

Congrats to those who participated in the 4 way scrambles, looks like everyone had a great time!  The winning team was The Fun Rats: Jesse Townsend, Ron O?Brien (Capt.), Ashley Seitz, and Jim Cook.  Cameraman Marty MacDonald.
Thanks Marty M and Kate C for your time in organizing and judging the scrambles!

Upcoming Events

August 25th -- Night jumps. This is a requirement for your D License, you must be B Licensed qualified in order to participate. Weather date will be Sept 22nd.

Sept 22nd -- Weather date for night jumps

Sept 22nd -- Fall 4 way scrambles.

more events yet to come.

Blue Skies!